In Dec. 2017 we finished our first, fully-function 2-DOF prototype!  See the video below:


  • Degress of Freedom: 2 (pitch and roll)
  • Rotation Range: +/- 45 degrees pitch and roll
  • Max Rotation Rate: 30 degrees/s
2-DOF Motion Simulator, First-Revision Prototype
2-DOF Motion Simulator, First-Revision Prototype

As a proof of concept, this design represents a huge step forward.  We did identify a few issues that we’ll want to address in the next variant, and of course there are features to finish and implement.  In the next iteration, pending February 2017, we hope to do the following:

  • Improve frame rigidity: In the current design, high-jerk motion causes the inner yoke to bounce.  This isn’t great for immersion.
  • Improve mobility: This frame isn’t particularly easy to move, mostly because of additional welds we added to improve rigidity.
  • Pinch safety: design the next frame in a way that will allow us to isolate / cover pinch points, for improved safety.
  • Industrial design: Improve the look of the simulator so that it is less raw, with a more finished appearance.
  • Cable routing: Improve routing and hide so that it doesn’t affect appearance.
  • General safety: Add a user-operated E-stop within easy reach of the chair, so that the system can be stopped at any time.

There is also a long list of things to do on this variant, before we start building the next one.  The control software needs some work to make it more reliable, some COM issues need to be resolved, the demo game needs to be completed, the control box needs bulkead connectors to be added so that we can attach the door and route cables out more effectively… etc. etc.