2-DOF Prototype Build

I’ve already talked about the 2-DOF prototype, but since VRMotionSim.com wasn’t active until lately, we have no in-process photos or videos from the build.  So, here’s a review!  This isn’t a complete or exhaustive review – it’s just a collection of pictures and videos that I happened to have on-hand.

A huge part of this design involved linear actuator development.  You can find details on that process in my previous post.  Unlike the actuator design, the 2-DOF frame is still in its first revision, so we have plenty of work to do to get it ready for prime-time. 🙂

Below, we machine part of the profile used for the linear actuator.

Below, we are planing the outer yoke where the bearings will attach.

Machining the outer yoke.

Early assembly test-fit.  The attached actuator isn’t finished, but it’s mounted for test purposes.

Roll axis assembly test

Testing the roll axis with a functioning actuator!

Looking good, despite the terrible mess in my garage!

Frame and actuators together for the first time!

Control Box!  We are using a Productivity 2000 PLC for control for now, but will eventually upgrade to a custom-designed control board for more advanced control.

Control box – components placed, but not yet wired.
Wiring the control box.
Hobbes is always helping!

Full assembly together and moved to my basement:

Full assembly.
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