Custom Laser Cutting

It’s been a while since we posted, but a lot is happening!  First and foremost, our custom laser cutting company is well on its way!  All of our motion simulator designs have required laser cut sheet metal parts, but it takes forever to get quotes and lead-times.  And laser cutting shops in the Orem, UT area are ridiculously busy.

We could design a new frame in a handful of days, but getting the custom laser cut parts to build them could take on the order of three to four weeks.  So, we naturally decided to start our own custom laser cutting service to solve the problem. 😀

We purchased a Trumpf 1030, 3 kW fiber laser from their training floor.  With less than 100 beam-on hours, it’s basically brand new.

Sheet metal cutting

Our shop is in Orem, UT, but we are implementing software that will make it easy to obtain instant quotes for laser-cut parts online.  So we’ll easily serve the entire United States.  The machine is scheduled for delivery on July 2nd!

I’ll update with additional blog posts to show the shop space as we get it ready and install the machine.

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