How to Buy

Our motion simulators are still in development, but we expect to make them available by Q4 of 2018.

Depending on your budget, you can obtain a motion simulator in one of three ways:

Build From Plans

We will make plans available for enthusiasts who want to build a system on their own.  This is the least expensive option, but requires a lot of work, expertise, and access to tools (mill, lathe, welder, etc.)

Projected Cost: $3k to $5k (USD), depending on the machine you build.

Build From Plans, with Kit Parts

We will make kits and parts available so that you can still build your own machine, but we’ll provide parts that are more difficult to assemble.  You can choose to buy or make any subset of parts, making your final cost go up or down depending on what you do yourself.

Projected Cost: $3k to $12k (USD), depending on the machine you build and what you buy instead of build.

Buy a Finished System

Full systems arrive ready to function, with pricing competitive with other commercial motion simulators on the market.

Projected Cost: $30k+ (USD)

Contact us if you have any questions.