2-DOF Motion Simulator Prototype

We only just created VRMotionSim.com, but this project has been underway for more than a year.  More details to follow, but we just got our first 2-DOF VR Motion Simulator prototype up and running!  Video below.

The simulator moves +/- 45 degrees in pitch and roll, at up to 30 degrees a second.  In the video, the speed is dialed down because the frame isn’t quite rigid enough, and accelerating quickly causes it to bounce.  That problem will be addressed in a future revision.

The motion is controlled by two custom linear actuators.  Each uses a 2.3 kW servo motor connected via a gearbox to a timing belt.  The actuators are rated for 800 pounds of continuous force at up to 22 inches / second, with peak forces exceeded 1600 pounds.  That’s more than enough to move the gimbal comfortably.

Control is handled on this version with a PLC, which is in turn connected to a PC.  The simulation is our own custom game built in Unity.

This is still an early prototype and we have a lot of work to do, but getting the entire system up and running is a huge milestone for us!

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