Outer Yoke Assembled for Stress Tests

Last night we mostly finishing welding the yaw, pitch, and roll gimbal arms, and then we bolted them together.

The axis bearings aren’t finished, so we can’t really build the complete assembly yet.  But bolting the arms together directly allows us to test the frame’s rigidity.

Above: laying out the roll yoke arm.

More work on the roll yoke.

Roll yoke side plates attached.

Pitch yoke assembly.

Almost there, just need to weld the inner ribs.

Above: Yaw, pitch, and roll yokes together.  Roll yoke was almost finished before we ran out of wire.

Above: A highly technical, sophisticated, scientific stress test…

Well touch this up with a grinder, have it sandblasted, and then powder coat it.  It’ll have a nice look, IO think.

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