The Game

The game design deserves some attention as well. We are developing our own game for the cockpit, specifically to take advantage of the strengths of the 2-DOF VR Motion Simulator.

Our game is a VR version of the old Raptor arcade game that many know and love:

Raptor arcade game.

The player essentially flies down a corridor, moving back and forth to evade and attack enemies.  Because our 2-DOF motion simulator only allows for pitch and roll motion, this game concept is actually perfect.  We just add vertical motion, in addition to side-to-side motion.

Player view in Raptor-style flight game.

Above is a screenshot of what the player sees from inside the cockpit.  Moving a joystick commands the ship to move side to side and up and down.  As the motion simulator rotates, the game view rotates to match.

The game is still in development – we don’t even have enemies or weapons yet.  But it is far enough along to connect to the VR motion simulation and move it as needed.

The terrain is procedural and generated in real-time, so you can fly down the canyon endlessly.  For the final game, we’ll probably have levels of fixed length, and various different scenarios – desert, canyon-following, inside an asteroid field, inside a giant moon base, etc., etc.

For the ship and cockpit itself, we found a model very close to what we wanted on the Unity Asset Store.  The creator of the model agreed to make some changes (added some guns and a front-mounted turret, changed the wing angle to make it more visible, etc.) and that’s what we are using.

Here are more pictures of that model:

Ship model for motion sim game.
View from the side.
Cockpit view.
Top view

The front turret should be really cool once we finish the code for it.  It can pivot and aim independently, so we may set it up to shoot wherever the player looks.  Alternatively, we could have it auto-aim at targets as an extra weapon, or as a missile defense system.

There are a few different turret models as well, which could make it fun to collect powerups.

VR Ship Turret, aiming to the side.

Can’t wait to tinker with it!  Stay tuned for more updates.

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